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      Conseils de sécurité importants pour les propriétaires des poêles à bois

      We’re well entrenched in winter now! If you’re lucky enough to have a wood stove, you’ve likely been running it to heat your home for weeks now. Make sure your stove and chimney are ready to operate safely and efficiently all season long. Here’s how…

      simple side fireplace wood

      Inspect that stove

      Give your stove a close look now and check it periodically during the winter. Here’s what you’re looking for:


      Check the stove pipe, especially where it connects to the chimney. Stove pipes are subjected to high temperatures and if corrosion develops, the pipe should be replaced.

      Inspect the inside of your stove for cracks in the brick or damaged baffles. If anything needs attention, consult your stove dealer.

      Inspect the door gaskets. The seal should be so tight that a piece of paper or a dollar bill inserted between the door and the stove can’t be pulled out when the door is closed. Test all door sides and if the paper can be removed at any location, replace the gaskets. A tight door seal will help to create good draft and prevent smoke leakage.


      cleaner working on fireplace

      Clean that chimney

      Annual chimney cleaning is extremely important! There are thousands of chimney fires each year. They can cause extreme property damage and even death.

      Don’t be a statistic. Chimneys for wood stoves (and fireplaces) should be inspected at least once a year by a professional stove dealer or a chimney sweep. They’ll look for cracks, leaks, warping, baffle gaps, creosote buildup or other obstructions that could potentially lead to chimney fires or carbon monoxide intrusions.


      Choose the Right Stove

      If you’re in the market for a new stove, get the most efficient design and best technologies you can. The stove will pay for itself over time. Examples are Harman’s FireDome™ technology, which is a non-catalytic system that produces both primary and secondary combustion to provide maximum heat and efficiency, and Quadra-Fire’s Four-Point Quad-Burn System. It burns the wood, gases, smoke and impurities to produce maximum heat while requiring less trips to the wood pile.

      If you have an older, inefficient wood stove, it’s time to upgrade! Check out these newer, more efficient models.

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