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      Dealer Spotlight: Christian Lamontagne

      Founded in 1988, Foyer Gaz in Vaudreuil (Quebec) is celebrating its 26th anniversary. We spoke with Christian Lamontagne who explained the store’s great success.

      What will one find at Foyer Gaz ?

      We specialize in all kinds of fireplaces and offer turnkey service in order to simplify the client’s choice and provide under one roof all the services you need—whether that be a gas hook-up, finishing, or design services.

      What makes you different from other dealers in the fireplace industry?

      Our difference is in the quality and professionalism of our sales and installations. One of the owners always visits the installation site, and the installation of every fireplace is done under the supervision of an owner.

      We also extend the manufacturer’s warranty by offering our own 5-year warranty on parts not covered by the manufacturer—in addition to our seasonal promotions.

      Which is your favourite fireplace ?

      Our favourite brand is Heat&Glo. We’ve sold Heat&Glo fireplaces since the beginning of the 90’s. They offer superb products and service. Innovation, research and development, and a quality product are all very important to our clients, and Heat&Glo has them all.

      What advice would you offer to someone who is just starting to shop for a fireplace?

      Determine the comfort level you’re looking for by BTU output and know your needs. Sometimes a couple won’t agree on their needs—Madame is cold and Monsieur just wants a backup in case of a power outage—but we’re there to help them find a solution.

      What do you do in your free time?

      In my free time, I play hockey!


      Check out Foyer Gaz’s website—or better yet, drop in to their show room in Vaudreuil!

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